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Hello once again!

Well, since we last met dear reader, Bright Shadow have been on a very mini tour around the south of Britain. Starting in Folkestone, we performed our two slightly mad archiving walkabout characters from the 80s, Beta 1 and Beta 2 for the Folkestone Triennial. Taking rubbings of anything that caught their eye, these two characters captured a moment in time with help from the locals.

Next stop was Winchester where we performed Style a While at the Winchester Hat Fair. As our first experience of touring to a real-life outdoor arts festival it was a pretty exciting time. After a rather stop-start journey to Winchester around the M25 on a Friday night, we arrived at the artists campsite, complete with a big-top as the artists green-room, feeling a little like we had run away with the circus! This all added to the excitement however and we had a very fun weekend, meeting other acts, watching other acts and sleeping under canvas. Then the big day arrived when we set up our mobile hair salon at Orams Arbour in Winchester, in-between a chiropractor and the 'Little Red Bus'! The salon was a hit and people young and old enjoyed getting their hair done and being entertained by the salon stories. 

Then, the following weekend was Style a While again at South Hill Park's Parklife Festival in Bracknell. This very lovely festival was a different kettle of fish to the Hat Fair, but an equally enjoyable kettle of fish none the less! This time the salon were able to collect a lot of stories from their clients and learned that the people of Bracknell are very good at rescuing animals in danger!!

Last stop is Canterbury, where Bright Shadow put their brains in a totally different gear and performed an interactive, sensory treasure hunt promenade performance at the Dementia Services Development Centre's annual conference. We went through jungles, tunnels, deserts and sailed on board a ship, solving riddles and singing songs along the way! And Bright Shadow are now proud owners of one large tunnel and a lot of bark!

So, there you have it dear readers, a synopsis of Bright Shadow's whirlwind summer tour 2011. 


Dear faithful journal reader!

We are sorry that we have been absent of late, its not that we have forgotten about you, only that in recent weeks we have been consumed by hair brushes, rollers and plaits! We have spent a lot of time getting to know the M3 over the past couple of months as we have been journeying to Winchester to seek out and elicit the artistic talents of Matt Feerick of Wet Picnic fame and to unleash our performance installation 'Style a While' onto the public of Eastleigh and Winchester as part of the Emerge Festival. Both of these missions proved successful and we are now planning to work with Matt on the development of the piece over the next year so that it is all shiny and ready to hit the summer festivals in 2012. 

In the mean time, we shall be taking the performance to the Sunday programme of this year's Winchester Hat Fair and South Hill Park's Parklife Festival, where like proud and protective parents we shall nurture this piece to explore possibilities, enchant audiences and gather experiences to produce a well rounded piece for the future! 

To put on a different hat, Bright Shadow are also excited about partnering with the Avante Partnership on their next Performance and Dementia project, due to start in the Autumn. 

So, faithful journal reader, we shall now leave you to get on with your day, however if you would like to hear more about ours, please do get in touch via our handy 'contact us' page.

Over and out. 


Bright Shadow have recently finished their installation of the hair-dressing characters Dianne and Joanne in the Gulbenkian Theatre cafe bar. We had a really fun time styling the hair of members of the public, chatting to freshers and their parents, offering head massages to university staff and generally spreading some good feelings by sharing stories of kindness!

We really enjoyed ourselves during the installation and had really positvie feedback and so are excited about developing this work further and seeing where else we can take Dianne and Joanne and their flair for hair and a good (pony) tale!

Thanks to everyone who visited the salon-we hope to see you again soon! 


After just over a year of being in existance, Bright Shadow have recently had a 'vision weekend'...a delightful weekend in the countryside near Leamington Spa that involved much future-gazing, dreaming, planning, strategizing and cake baking!

So now Bright Shadow are busy beavering away in their office at the Gulbenkian Theatre putting their plans into action! Summer 2010 will involve funding application writing, developing Tales from the Chair, networking and pinning things up onto our new pinboard-hurrah!

Watch this space for an exciting year ahead to involve Hairdressers in the Gulb, creativity on the UKC campus and more journeys into care homes for the elderly........


Bright Shadow performed their second public performance last weekend in a hair salon in Herne Bay. The show was about stories of kindness and heroism gathered from Herne Bay's Hairdressers. With a particular focus on the kindness of strangers it seems that the people of Herne Bay wanted to see if we 'practice what we preach'. Just before the first performance we noticed a lady stood across the street crying. Well you can't do a show about kindness and ignore a crying woman, so we went over and asked if she was ok. It turned out she was actually in a lot of pain and so we called an ambulance for her. It was all very dramatic, but thankfully it turned out that she was ok in the end. Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who helped this lady with us and worked extra hard to get the salon ready in time for the performance!


Bright Shadow are about to embark upon their latest mission: to devise a performance about the stories, anecdotes and tales that are shared between a hairdresser and their client in the chair! We have been working hard making contact with hairdressers all over Herne Bay to inspire them to help us to create this performance which will be performed at the end of an actual hairdressers! Devising and rehearsal sessions kick off next week...

...scissors, combs, foils, the smell of bleach, hairdryers, smoothing serum and curlers are about to become our very best friends!


Welcome to Bright Shadow’s journal. Here is where we will be updating our readers on what is going on in the day-to-day life of the company. At the moment we are busy with a project working with residents of Admiral House-a care home in Folkestone for elderly people, some of whom have dementia. This is an exciting opportunity for us to develop our practice in this area and we are hoping to brush up our expertise in this field of work! So far we have sung a lot of songs, written our own version of the Sound of Music’s ‘Favourite Things’, told and made up stories and have been on holiday (through the power of the imagination)!

An Amusing Anecdote: Due to the security procedures of Admiral House, the staff-rooms are behind key-coded doors. During one afternoon Katy had to go and to spend a penny and a staff member kindly showed her the way. However on the way back out Katy found herself locked in, having to call for help for at least five minutes. Just as she was contemplating spending the rest of her life amongst the laundry and living on dried prunes and mashed potato from the stock rooms a carer found and rescued her!